Gio Goi – Dance Inspired Fashion Clothing

Published: 10th December 2009
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Goi Goi is the high end fashion brand that has been popular in Britain since the 1980s and the trend has swept the world in the last three decades. The brand has established itself as one of the leading clothing and accessories provider which is inspired by the dance revolution.

Gio Goi - Appealing Clothing for Leading Musicians

The emergence began in the early 1980s when it was inspired as a clothing label which was highly influenced by people from the music and media industries. It is actually a label that is designed to cater to those who hail from a background with and media industry. Influential pop stars and media icons have long been fans followers of this label due to its creativity and uniqueness which is evident in each piece crafted under the Gio-Goi brand.

Key music industry musicians who belong to bands like the Oasis music band along with national music award nominee Blur and The Happy Monday's music band are considered brand ambassadors for Gio Goi clothing house. The British fashion brand is worn by the likes of British rock stars Amy Winehouse and the Arctic monkeys along with the famous front man of Kasabian, Tom Meighan.

Popularity of Gio Goi Label with Designers and Media

The fan followers and loyalists for this brand consider it a stylish and credible source of high quality clothing that meets their requirements. From funky shirts to Japanese spun denim jeans, the brand offers exclusive pieces through Duffer men's wear and women's wear collections. The media industry is known for its passion for contemporary clothing which has a retro feel but look like it has been put together easily. The shirts and pants look great in combination with retro and formal accessories both and have become popular outside of Britain too.

The Face magazine has often voted Gio-Goi as the best selling label and in fact it is considered an inspiration by leading designer Vivienne Westwood who is an icon in her own right. The British clothing label has also been awarded with the Drapers 'Fashion Brand of The Year' Award which is a tribute to its credibility and creativity.

Essence of the Gio Goi brand

The main reason for the popularity of the Gio Goi clothing and accessories range is the fact that they can blend fashion with the elements of rock in an exciting yet credible manner. This fusion is firetrap achieved in a very subtle and unique style of creativity which lends it an authentic look which is considered very cool and full of attitude. Due to this reason the brand has been recognized with the status of a Cool Brand. This status has been awarded by the Institute that goes with the same name which is responsible for recognizing the leading brand in Britain.

The Cool Brand status of the fashion brand Gio Goi has been touted regularly by both experts as well as consumers during opinion polls. Considered very innovative and fashion forward, as brand goes from strength to strength after developing new products and accessories for each season. The continuous focus on creating innovative clothing and accessories has led to an international presence and acceptance of the brand thereby increasing its distribution across the globe. The leading online retailers have been catering to the global demand for the exclusive pieces like belts, jackets, shirts and pants by Gio Goi.

For an exclusive selection of products from firetrap and Gio Goi spend some time browsing to choose a piece of eclectic fashion wear.

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