Firetrap- Aggressive Clothing From An Innovative Brand

Published: 07th December 2009
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Firetrap is the name of a UK-based denim brand that was founded back in 1991. Over the passage of time this designer label has become renowned for producing unconventional, subversive and highly creative clothing and accessories which have become extremely popular amongst a certain specific target market.

The clothing developed by firetrap is unique to say the least. They strive to produce products that are futuristic and classic at the same time. It is this approach that has allowed them to create innovative contemporary clothing making them stand out from other brands in its league.

In order to expand its spectrum of clothing the company has also teamed up with other prominent designer labels such as Stag and Dagger, i-D, Ziad Ghanem and Bestival and many others at the London Fashion Week.

Firetrap AW09 Campaign

The latest campaign from Firetrap was released in 2009. According to the brand owners this collection of clothing took inspiration from the glamorous lifestyle of the youth of London. One of the things that separate this new collection from firetrap is the fact that it has an underlying Gothic tone. This Gothic nature of the new collection is amplified by the manner in which these clothes have been presented. The collection was shot on the back streets of London which seemed to give it a sinister appeal. The aim is to capture the essence of the late night out lifestyle that is prevalent amongst the youth of the nation. The clothing line emphasizes on the London street style and subversive culture that is prevailing today. As such it is an ideal reflection of the urban and edgy feel that defines the Firetrap brand.

The brand is primarily involved in the production of denim products within which its collection of jeans is most popular. Along with being incredibly creative and stylish the jeans produced by this designer label are renowned for the use of high-quality fabric and superior stitching. This ensures a fashion friendly pair of jeans that is likely to last you for many years to come.

While some of the varieties produced by the designer label will keep you nicely blended in the crowd other varieties will make you stand out distinctively. Their jeans are available in a variety of different washes, feels and colors giving you the opportunity to select one that matches your aesthetic sensibilities. They even have a collection of outlandish jeans that only the daring individuals will have the guts to wear. Hence it can be seen that firetrap is a brand that caters to a very specific target market.

The designer label has an equally impressive and diverse collection of T-shirts, uppers, jackets and sweats to offer to its target market. The look and feel of the latest collection of Firetrap clothing is very aggressive, urban, futuristic, Gothic and leaning towards sinister. Interested individuals can find Firetrap products with utmost ease over the Internet giving them the opportunity to browse through an extensive catalog of Firetrap products.

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